Spitfire Wingman
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Early Years
Fort Knox
1941 - 1944
India, Brookley, Airlift
Presidential Squadron
Travis & Minnesota



Early Years

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Where young Haun got so excited reading a frontier adventure he grabbed his father's rifile and accidentally put a hole through all the neighbor's dresses hanging in a closet!

Boyhood Home on Roland Street in Memphis

Who am I, anyway?The dog did it.

Discovering Life: 1913 - 1915


 "In those days I did everything at a full run."

Western Union Bike Messenger and R.O.T.C. Cadet, 1928


His Dad wondered how this infatuation was going to earn him a living.

First Flight Instruction and a "Standard" in 1930


In 1933 he made a news splash in Memphis as an early homebuilder.

Age 22 -- his Heath Parasol had just enough power to clear the fences!


That same year he hopped a freight-train to New Orleans and worked his way to Europe aboard the freighter CITY OF JOLIET.

Proud Aircraft Builder and Work-away Seaman to Europe, 1933


"Sally" was green with yellow trim.  The girls were taking notice.

With "Sally" and a Curtis Junior


Chapter 5: how he got the bad knee that plagued him the rest of his life.They both got a bargain.

1935: an eventful year  -  Monocoupe Crash and Marriage on a Budget


His Commercial Aviation License, 1938

Ticket to Fly  ( No More Memphis Bottlers' Supply!)


The craft featured in "A Little Barnstorming," Chapter 5

1927 WACO-9 with 8-cyl. 90hp OX-5


"Yes, Virginia, you can fly the C-54 solo."


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