Spitfire Wingman
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  Brookley & Airlift

Forerunner of the C-124, which used the same wings.

The C-74  -  a bigger and better hauler

Chapter 18: More or less terrfying trips to Rio through the Inter-Tropical Front without benefit of radar.The five O'clock cannon became the signal to head for the Officer's Club.

1947  -  Brookley AFB beside the Bay  -   Mobile, Alabama

Stateside at last!

Skeet practice in case he gets sent back to India?  Not!

Memphis Air Show - 1946?


Chapter 19: The Colonel's yawl, which in the hands of the inexperienced brushed his sleeping body into the drink.

Where  life is good on Mobile Bay, until...


    July '48 - The Berlin Airlift


"Flying over it now, there must have been two million people living in that pile of rubble."

When all-weather Ground Controlled Approach was the latest technology... 


Templehoff runway overrun.  Zero visibility was a recurrent challenge.

...that worked most of the time


They arrived July 11, 1948."Midnight Requisitionist" Sid Parks on right.

With one day's notice Haun  organized the 17th  on Atlantic crossing.


Haun, Halvorsen, and DeWitt transporting their ice bucket.

And coped with soggy conditions.  [Capt. Kline center, DeWitt right]


Chapter 20: Haun's buddy Shubrick (sailboat mover) on left.People all over the U.S. contributed tons of candy bars attached to handkerchiefs for the children of Berlin.

Back home, Haun Jr. helped with project conceived by Gail Halvorsen

[To buy autographed copy of Candy Bomber  write to Col. Halvorsen; 1525 West Dove Way; Amado, AZ 85645 (Dec. - Apr.) or 19 E. Southfield Rd; Spanish Fork, UT 84660 (May - Nov.)...price $20.]


The Schmoo quickly became a symbol for the Airlift's miraculous provision.

Li'l Abner cartoonist Al Capp sent "Schmoos" (critters giving flour, milk,

eggs, butter.)  [Left to right: DeWitt, Haun, Parks, Halvorsen, unknown]


A dangerous challenge met to keep a city free. 

Russian takeover of Berlin frustrated by tireless aircrews!



"Yes, Virginia, you can fly the C-54 solo."


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