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212-page printed book  $14.95  

                                                                                                            Book ISBN: 978-0-9790002-0-1


 He just couldn't help bending the rules!                           Major Haun in his Spitfire in 1943

James R. Haun, Colonel USAF  1911 - 2001


Thousands in the flying community have already read the Colonel's candid memoir under its original title, WHO SAYS THERE ARE NO OLD BOLD PILOTS?!



Spitfire Wingman, the expanded edition, includes hundreds more photographs collected during the Colonel's adventures from barnstormer to WWII fighter pilot, Berlin Airlift commander, Presidential Fleet CO, jet jockey, EAA homebuilder...and beloved flight instructor.  (Many of those photos can be viewed on this website.)

Charcoal sketch of Haun by Sgt. S. Dombrowski, 12th Squadron Photo Specialist

     Years after supplies of the previous 1994 version were exhausted, requests for the book continued coming in.  This website gives those unfamiliar with Col. Haun's unique window on history a quick overview of his life and wit, via written excerpts and pictures from the major periods retold in Spitfire Wingman - along with a new 2-Volume audio-CD set of the author reading his own work - 11 hours of vivid aviation recollections.


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"Yes, Virginia, you can fly the C-54 solo."


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