Spitfire Wingman
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JAPAN:  1955-1958

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To the amazement of all, Colonel Jim proved "Old Shakey" could be flown by the seat of the pants at 90 miles per hour.

C-124 Globemaster at Tachikawa Air Base, Japan

The Hauns, Jimmy, David, Eleanor, and Jim Sr., arrive in Tokyo aboard a C-97 in 1955.Komaki was an F-84 and F-86D Base with nuclear capability.

Hauns arrive at Haneda before Col. is assigned to Komaki Air Base


Not only the Mayor of Komaki City but six members of the Diet hit the ceiling when the Colonel placed the town temporarily off limits to all U.S. personnel!Chapter 24: In the end, the leverage proved most effective.

...where local politics create unexpected complications!


The C-124 could haul 200 fully equipped troops.  Your crew chief could crawl out inside the wings in flight if necessary.

Then a transfer to the 374th Troop Carrier Wing at Tachi near Tokyo...


Right-hand photo: Woody and Mary Alice Styron, Jim and Eleanor Haun, Guy and Mary Cook.

...where new and lasting friendships are made...


"Those little springs allowing the exhaust stacks to jiggle continued to do the job so well that we soon had all twenty-four airplanes so equipped."

...and secret engine mods prove effective (despite Wright Field!)


"We had a half dozen Japanese cylinder-change-crews that could whip off a cylinder and pop on a new one in under three hours."

Wing CO Frenchy Williams is so pleased with Haun's Maintenance...


Col. Haun (see small blue arrow) reviewing Tachi troops in 1957

...that Col. Haun assumes Wing Command when Frenchy leaves...


Whenever Col. & Mrs. Haun walked into the Tachi Officer's Club, bandleader "Smiley" would strike up the TENNESSEE WALTZ. Smiley's real name was Goro Asahina.  He often came to the Colonel's home to listen to Hi-Fi records, which his band would duplicate perfectly.

...calling for The Tennessee Waltz as conducted by "Smiley" at the O-Club!



"Yes, Virginia, you can fly the C-54 solo."


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