Spitfire Wingman
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Early Years
Fort Knox
1941 - 1944
India, Brookley, Airlift
Presidential Squadron
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Retirement - Part 1

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The soon-to-retire Colonel in front of his Nashville garage where the EAA Biplane is taking shape.

Haun's homebuilding project

A whole lot of sweat and Budweiser.Plans obtained from the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Finished product.  The wings were assembled and fabriced in wife's living and dining area.

"I dood it."1969, Looking back on a remarkable career.

The completed EAA Biplane led to two restoration projects: 

Chapter 30: "Old Harry Wilson agreed to let me have it if I promised to put it back in exactly the same shape as when it was new.""It took two years to rebuild the Waco."

...a 1936 Cabin Waco [assisted by friend Paul Booth]...

"Originally built for the Army, when we got it, it had a little desk and swivel chair in the rear cockpit.""Curt and I decided to call the Aeronca 'The Splo Bird' on account of all the little beer glitches."

...and "a basket case Aeronca" with buddy, Curt Franklin, on left.


With Tennesse Guard General Butler in Madrid.Probably taken at a "Sun 'N Fun" fly-in in FloridaThe Colonel taught Roy Clark and other Music City personalities to fly. Red was a good friend.

Shown here with pals Gen. Butler, Aero-comedian Eddie Cameron, & songsmith Red Lane


Hard to believe anyone could actually fly with that thing on his head!

Snoopy flies again!  Col. Haun became known as "Mr. Charmin" at local air shows for cutting toilet-paper streamers, followed by dead-stick landings in front of the crowd.

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For "Retirement - Part 2" click image below:

Click this image of Col. Jim celebrating his 65th Birthday to view more photos from his last years.


"Yes, Virginia, you can fly the C-54 solo."


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