Spitfire Wingman
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Early Years
Fort Knox
1941 - 1944
India, Brookley, Airlift
Presidential Squadron
Travis & Minnesota



Travis & Minnesota

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This giant was specifically designed to transport an Atlas nuclear missile.

Douglas C-133 turboprop  -  "Big Dog"

Chapter 27: However, the high frequency turboprop vibration caused constant mechanical failure. After landing a 133 without electrical power, radio, or directional control other than the engines and a trim tab (at Patrick AFB with an Atlas missile aboard) Haun starts longing for an open cockpit.

As Deputy Wing Commander of the 1503rd Air Transport Wing at Travis AFB in California, after 500 hours flying the C-133 "mostly over water so we wouldn't fall on anyone" (due to its habit of throwing off those 18-foot-diameter propellers) he began to dream of returning to a kind of flying that was "more art than science."


Chapter 28: "With the thermometer showing 25 below, there were guys on our street prancing around in their shirtsleeves yelling 'Spring...Spring!"'

So after a brief tour in 1959 as Air Advisor to the Minnesota Air Guard...


This is a real airplane. Let's get back to the South and build one!

...he set out for his last assignment in Tennessee hungry for an open cockpit!


Eaglerock with famous OX-5 engine


"Yes, Virginia, you can fly the C-54 solo."


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